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in Purpose, Power & Profitability!

Dr. Sonya R. Hamm


Speaker | Author | Teacher | Financial Coach

Hidden in the heart of every woman is a dream and desire of what she wants to accomplish and the amazing lifestyle she aspires to live.  Sadly, far too many women resign to living a broke, broken and boring life because she lacks a positive network of supportive mentors, coaches and friends to inspire her to maximize her full potential. This doesn’t have to be your story! Your dream life is waiting to be created and High Definition Women's Network is ready to help you WIN!

As an exclusive HD Women's Network Member you will gain access to benefits and opportunities that will propel you to Emerge, Excel and Expand in your Purpose, Power, and Profitability through our high impact lifestyle accelerator network of influential women sharpening women.  

HD Women’s Network is removing the barriers to success for all women! Through the prestigious HD Women's platform your inHer Brilliance will Shine as you network, learn, grow and have fun!  Enroll Now! 

Illuminate Your 
inHer Brilliance! 

Dr. Sonya Hamm

Spirit-Led Wealth Interview

Have you've tried to follow the world's recipe for wealth and success and somehow you still feel disconnected and stuck? Watch Dr. Sonya as she shares the missing ingredient found in her life changing book; Spirit-Led Wealth!



HD Women's Network is all about illuminating your inHer Brilliance (gifts, talents and abilities). receive coaching to help you define your dream and gain clarity, direction and focus to maximize your potential. It's time to start living your dream life now!



God created you to live a vibrant, healthy, abundant life! Get ready to learn faith principles in the areas of health, wealth, and business to Accelerate your Lifestyle and expand your experiences. Abundance is a Choice! 

HD Connect


Your social network and influence will soar as you connect to powerful women from around the nation who will inspire the innovative genius within you through our conferences, workshops, seminars, travel and more.  The HD Network will increase your Net Worth!

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